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Recommended Recipes for the Most Delicious Western Java Combro Cake


 Making a typical West Java kombro cake recipe independently is not a difficult thing to do, even by ordinary people. You don’t need to learn the course first because it’s been taught downhill by many people. In addition, there are already many menus that can be imitated through the Internet.


Combro itself is a cassava preparation with various fillers, in which the Sundan version has its own characteristics. So far, there are many versions, such as Central Java, where it tends to be sweet. You can make the original version with a salty taste, a constantly spicy taste or a sweet taste.


Original West Java Combro Cake Recipe


Speaking about Sundanese combro preparations, it is inseparable from the use of oncom as a filler. This single ingredient is actually made by a fermentation process, which is more or less the same as in tempeh. But here the ingredients for making it are diverse, it can be in the form of coconut extract, cassava, peanuts, etc.


Making fillers for  various western Javanese kombro cake recipes requires a struggle, as the fermentation process is quite difficult. All pulp components will then be mixed with yeast to be combined as oncom. The production process is still the same since the 17th century, when it was first created.


By the way, to make the original combro or its name comro from sundan you can first prepare external materials such as cassava and coconuts in a way that is not too old. Also prepare a few spoons of salt and cooking oil. Do not forget to add the characteristic features of various Sundan preparations.


Then the western java combro cake recipe can consist of this red and white onion, salt, powdered broth, pepper and puree oncom  to fill in the form  of comro. In addition, it is recommended to add leeks and basil leaves. It is intended to remove odors that are not moderate from oncom.


In the process of cooking, we must first mix the outside and the fine spices. You need to remember the correct dosage, do not make it too salty, because it will be combined with the filler. In the process of making the filling, crush the oncom until it becomes smooth and just mix the various other filler components.


Combro preparations using unique ingredients


In addition to using the original version, it is certainly more interesting when added with various unique ingredients, such as spicy anchovies. Here we will distinguish it only in the filling so that for the outer dough it can use the usual version. Therefore, prepare basic ingredients such as cassava, potatoes, grated coconut, pepper and chives.


Then in this western Javanese kombro cake recipe we need oncom, anchovies, bay leaves, brown sugar and coconut milk  to make  the filling. For Oncom, try to make it smoother so that it can be easily mixed with other fillings. In addition, it is recommended to use additional basil leaves so that they smell good.


The most important thing to pay attention to here is the processing of anchovies, which in fact should not produce too strong a fishy smell. Therefore, it is imperative to use additional basil leaves or orange leaves. In addition to using anchovies, a unique preparation can use cheese, because it is popularly used in a mixture of various top menus.


Then the use of raw materials is more adjusted to the taste of the cheese, so that we can mix cassava and potatoes as the main highlight. Other equipment that needs to be prepared in this unique menu are cheese, grated old coconut, leeks, peppers, grilled oncom, sugar, coconut milk and new cooking oil.


In order for the taste to still have a distinctive Sunda taste, it can be added with basil leaves so that the aroma is tastier. The cheese part itself can be put in it or as a top coating alone. This is the advantage of using cheese where its use is flexible, it can even be used as a delicious sauce mixture.


West Java Combro Cake Recipe dari Eggs


It turns out that in addition to the single oncom filling, you can add balado eggs as the best ingredient so that the taste of kombro is tastier. Here you first need to buy cassava, grated coconut, salt, leeks and oil. To keep the taste good, do not use used oil because it can be mixed with other flavors.


By the way, for stuffing, it is necessary to pay attention to how to make or mix grilled oncom and chicken eggs. Both ingredients should be mixed with orange leaves, bay leaves or basil leaves, because the aroma and taste are not annoying.


Especially when onions and garlic are added together with salt and sugar. The taste should have been much more appetizing. In addition to ordinary eggs, you can use salted eggs. Of course, the ingredients are still the same, that is, cassava, grated coconut, salt and leeks.


To make  a combro cake recipe specific to western java  salted eggs, you need to prepare grilled oncom, salted eggs, salt and sugar as well. Add onion, garlic and pepper to add delicious. You can adjust this pepper to your own taste, but it is more delicious spicy.


Then the mixture of salted egg and oncom must be crushed until it is completely one. Don’t forget to add the mixture again to make the smell, aroma and taste richer. It is highly recommended when adding orange leaves or basil leaves. The taste of the Combro alone is guaranteed to be even more extraordinary than the original version.


Sweet and Salty Filling Ingredients Recipe


If you’ve tried the original and spicy one, this time it’s your turn to make the ingredients until it tastes sweeter. First you can prepare the grated cassava and extract the water, grated coconut and salt. Here we need egg whites as a sesame binder so that it does not fall off because the main highlight is really sesame.


For the filling it is necessary to prepare in advance grated coconut, pandan leaves and brown sugar. In the case of brown sugar, try to feel really smooth before putting it to melt more easily. Then the leaves of the pandan leave themselves, use those that are not too old, so that the color does not interfere and the taste is not bitter.


To make the inside, it should not be immediately thrown away, since the visibility leaves are used only for their aroma. Therefore, before putting the filling in the dough, you need to boil it. For a thin dough shape and apply to sesame seeds, then a typical West Java kombro cake recipe is ready to be fried.


This frying process should be considered so as not to allow the outside to look brown, but it turns out that the inside is still raw. This is more or less the same when making another recipe, namely Misro. In fact, cassava as an additional flavor is not much different from its content, since it uses grated coconut and salt.


This sweet West Java kombro cake recipe definitely requires brown sugar as a filling and comb to make it easier to melt when fried. Perhaps comro and misro are the most popular menus in the combro variant of the Sundanes. So, if you search the streets, it should be easiest to find it.


Keep in mind when making a misro, do not let the melted sugar melt until it comes out, so it should be avoided by making a strong dough. Then we will fry it until golden brown and it is best if it is still hot. You can serve Misro to friends or family over coffee or warm tea.


If you look at all the processed menus above, it is not wrong that beginners in the world of baking bika are easier to master. Moreover, the materials do not have to be special, but they can try to create them on their own. If you want to try the one that is definitely successful, follow the recipe of western Javanese kombro cakes .

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