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Types of traditional fabrics of popular Western Javanese and their characteristics

The traditional fabrics of West Java have their own popularity and characteristics compared to other regions. However it is still an area with Central Java and East Java. In fact, there are significant differences in the case of traditional clothes. Not only that, the languageis also different. One’s Sudanese, Javanese, and even Maduris.

Looking at these variations, surely  you are not curious about what they are? In fact, in West Java or West Java, almost all the inhabitants are native to the Sundani tribe. Until there is a pendantang who has been settled there for many years. Known as one of the most popular Indonesian tribes. There are  high customs by  staying intact.

It is not  wrong that a lot of things pass from the ancestors. Perhaps this may be evidenced by inscriptions, temples, heritage objects, and of course traditional clothes. In all parts of Indonesia, it will certainly not be separated from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. So the  pattern of  all West Java regional clothing cannot be separated from the pattern.

Go deep into the clothes from West Java. There are several types of clothing that can be used. Everything depends on the social level, whether they are upper middle, middle and lower class people. It is natural that this kind of concept is because in the past Indonesia still knew the name of the caste distribution system.

So, for  those of you who  are curious about what the traditional clothes of West Java are like, there is no need to worry because we will discuss everything that is popular here   .  Starting from the clothes of the upper middle class,  middle class and  lower class. Everything is guaranteed to be definitely complete so that the need for this information is definitely met.

Wedding dress  from  West Javanese  Customs

We had  all the discussions about the traditional fabrics of West Javanese. It will definitely never avoid a wedding incident. This sacred event requires a special equipment so that a once-in-a-lifetime promise can go on. Then what clothes are often used by the indigenous people of the Sudanese tribe?

For clothes called Sukapura, which should be familiar. The picture of this shirt is very simple as the bride only wears a kebaya wrapped in white brocade. The waist is then tied with a gold coloured belt. Combined with a white slot shoe guide. Adds a simple  effect compared  to the others.

It is very different from Central Java where the traditional clothes of the bride and groom are more intricate. Coming back to the main theme, the groom is only required to wear a closed white coat. But the belt used is red. It symbolizes the courage to take responsibility for all the problems that may come up in the future.

Then for shoes using white slot shoes. It’s still the same as bride Karen is asymbol of regretfully aki topangan. The two bear the weight of the stairs, it is expected that the continuation of the marriage can last forever. Sukapura is not how easy it is compared to the garments of other regions of fellow Peng H Uni Java Island.

Formal West Java clothing ceremony

Surely you already know that there   is a research event for Mojang Jejaka in West Java? In fact, it’s the same as inanRTA  in  Jacques that isn’t looking for a brother candidate every year. Everything is done for tourism purposes. Develop a regional talent by looking for talented influencers. It became one of the goals it had set.

Mojang is a female candidate who is sought to promote the wider area of Bandung. They  will be dressed inebate cloth, baber, bridal decoration  as usual. Mungkin Conde, Brooch, Bracelet, Necklace etc. In today’s day and age, perhaps traditional clothes can be paired with curtains for ceremonial occasions.

So there is no need to use conde now as everything is more flexible. So what about Jejaca? Because their clothes are simpler. Only use a black or dark coloured suit. This Western Javanese is  draped in blue or red embellishment on the pocket of the suit  to enhance  the uniqueness of traditional fabrics. There are also additional devices that can be added.

For this outfit, it doesn’t just apply to search events for Mojang Jejaka. It can take place at a formal cultural presentation, at the opening of a building, and whatever. The point  is used to denote the properties of a bar. The simple but elegant look is actually its specialty which can never be forgotten.

Traditional Western Javanese dresses for integrations

For traditional fabrics, it is actually  used only for certain cycles. HAnya is the elite class of the state that could have worn it in its time. It can be arranged for its use whether it is at official events or brides. Usually the lengthy manufacturing process takes a lot of time so that the price becomes expensive.

The design is clearly more luxurious and glamorous already. A lot of money forces your caste to buy.  The effect of the wearer’s aura will increase so that it looks more authentic. Whether it is a man or a woman is definitely respected more. For women, keba wants to wear YA, dress and even gummies for free.

The edges are then sewn with gold thread. It definitely  adds to its own uniqueness. BISAalso added accessories such as bracelets, gold, necklaces and rings. A glamorous yet stunning effect from her will surely be presented. The wearer of this shirt will never come to the notice of the audience.

Then what will happen to humans? Dark blouse suits are commonly used for men. Most bluedroo  suits give rise to a  more luxurious effect. For the price, don’t ask because it’s expensive. This cloth model  can also be used in the name of Sukapura of traditional fabrics of West Javanese. The impact of marriage will increase.

West Javanese clothing for medium and ke bawa

The traditional fabrics of West Java are a ancestral heritage. So far it still uses the caste system. For the middle class, you can use a combination of free kebaya. It can be from batic fabric, satoon, etc. The combination of lower ones is also more flexible with the aim of aligning the higher authorities.

As far as men are concerned. Usually wear a white top, then add a headband, watch, gold, or other accessories.  For subordinates  , sedangkanscan wear pants with a padded strip. Like people wear pants but are wrapped in sarong. Gives the impression of being simple but still authoritative.

Yet, in this middle-class dress, it can still wear gold and silver clothes. But many of them use silver to save more. After all, silver shades are still no less than gold. Just adjust it according to the needs of the user even if you want to use gold or silver later.

Then for the lower middle class, it is usually allowed to wear only plain clothes. When compared to the luxury aspect of onglomerate clothing, it is already very different. Mostcommon people wear leather belt clothes. It is still often worn by the Barua tribe and the shape is exactly the same.

Although this may seem simple, the quality offered from its philosophy is still very thick. How not because Neko-Neko Kia does not show an attitude of accepting donations. Clearly, men wear feathered  sarongs tied to their shoulders. Isn’t it the same  as the  old  Yuku-tribe? Then the women wear simple kebaya.

Decorated with Jukong coils, luwang, and ring bracelets with Batik motifs. It is clear that the subtleties will look quality beautiful. How do you understand the types of western Javanese clothing? In general, the drawings of traditional western Javanese clothing are like this  , so make sure this knowledge can be useful in  the future.

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