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Check out western Java KK numbers with the help of the internet


When administrative file supervision and there is insufficient personal information, you need to check the Java Family Card online west through interne t.Especially if you are away from home and just carrying an ID card, it’s very difficult if you have to contact the person at home first.

Currently, the existence of a family card (KK) is really important, because in KK institutions the amount of information is very necessary. Even for the phone card registration process, it still requires it. So, for those of you who don’t have a card, you should take care of the registration this time. Because later it will need it for various needs.

The existence of family cards is not only useful for dealing with government offices, but also financial institutions, schools and more. Without the KK, administrative procedures are often blocked. Because the numbers listed there are identities for the family as well as its members.

Family card making can not only be done at the Dukcapil office, but also online services. Because during the outbreak, almost all government administration services are carried out online so that they don’t create crowds. You can also use it for data transformation services and KK reporting losses.

However, you can rely on online services opened by individual civil registration offices in each region. Well, before delving more about this online service, you need to know what is the importance of KK and other information. Let’s see the following description.

Citizens’ right to have family cards

All citizens have the right and obligation to have a family card. However, unlike an IDENTITy card owned by one person per person, KK can be owned by many people at once. Because it contains a text about each family member. For example, fathers, mothers, sons, or grandmothers and grandfathers.

Family cards are not only owned by family heads, although it contains descriptions of family arrangements and family heads are in the first number. Each member listed on it can use KK to increase administrative needs.

Checking the current Western Java KK number can be done anytime in an easy way. Because in the current complex era, you can use the Internet as a source of information; it’s just a need to search through the search engine and the information you want to have.

To make a family card, you have to prepare a lot of requirements, i.e. a cover letter from rt attached to the RW signature, photocopyi of a wedding book or marriage certificate, and other support certificates.The production process can be done by visiting the Dukcapil office or doing it online.

It is not only data creation and renewal services that can be used online. Checking the Western Java KK number is also a feature of online services in the civil registration service site.Consider that not everyone can memorize the number, especially if it is used at any given time.

The importance of family cards in administrative files

KK Online West Java checks can only be done for existing people; having KK is necessary for all Indonesianpeople because this certificate can be used for various administrative needs including:

  1. Wanted for the card making process

The information for making identity cards will be taken from the KK, because there are already OTHER NIK and other important information. In the meantime, more information will be received during the making of an identity card.


  1. It is necessary to open a savings account

When you want to open a savings account, you have to include kK as well. This requirement applies to all national banks. If you do not include, then the register submitted will be rejected because there are not enough conditions.


  1. It is necessary to make birth certificates

A birth certificate or birth certificate is important as a child’s identity before the age a child can receive an IDENTITY CARD. In the process of doing the act, the KK is very much needed as parental information which will be the basis for making the action later. Without a family card, the process of making a birth certificate would be disrupted.


  1. Demand for credit applications

Applications for vehicles, homes, and even electronic goods loans must also be family cards for the information provided to be completely valid in order for credit applications to be approved.


  1. Wanted for passport production

Wanting to go abroad requires a passport and the process of making a passport requires a birth certificate, a family card and an ID card or certificate. For creating an online and forgetting KK number, you can check the West Java KK number on the capil institution page.

NoKK can still make it online

If you still don’t have KK, you don’t have to worry because you can make it online, especially for newlywedcouples, you have to pay attention immediately to avoid future problems. Because today, taking care of things requires a letter of arrangement for this family. This is the complete process:

  1. Ask the cover letter to RT first, make sure the letter is signed by RW as well.
  2. Request a village registration form by incorporating the RT cover letter and filling out the form in full.
  3. Take a form after writing and request an official Dukcapil number to the village for an online subscription.
  4. Then wait for the production process and check Out West Java Online KK after the announcement is completed.

Another way is to register on the official website of the West Java Civil Registration Office. Sign up when you open the registration. Each Dukcapil has some registration hours and a limited quota. After completing the form, attach a wedding certificate photo with the RT cover letter.

Easy way to check KK Online Java West

Sometimes at a critical time and in a short time, you need information about the family card number. For example, when registering online. When you encounter a situation like this, don’t panic yet. Because there are so many ways that can help you overcome it right away. Especially if you have a smartphone with an internet connection, everything will be easy.

The internet is a technology product that can give you convenience, one of which is providing a simple way to check Java family cards online.  There’s no need to go home or bother contacting people back home, just do this:

  1. Chat service. Access to the +62811-800-537-3 number can be accessed via a WA chat message. Use the style-nik name (can be seen on KTP)-phone-no.problem.
  2. Use a 24-hour assistance service by electronic mail to the address: with the contents of the letter, nik on the demographic card, and personal information on other IDENTITY cards. Write in the subject of your email with a request for family card number information.
  3. Through the Interior Ministry website, select a menu to find a family card number, then enter the main population number, and wait for a moment before the necessary information appears. The address of the site is
  4. Create an account on an online citizen registration service website and then access the population data search service and you will find the necessary information. The address of the website:
  5. Use your social media account and visit the fb page of dukcapil’s director general or @ccdukcapil (twitter), then send the DM to admin according to the issue at hand.

According to their duties as a citizen’s identity, all Indonesian and foreign citizens must have a family card. Not only is it unique but also used to complete administrative files. Only now, doing and scanning West Java Online KK can be done with the help of the Internet.

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